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The coming-of-age story of luxembourgish Frank who meets in Amsterdam the love of his life. They live a life of sex and music in early 1984. Wild, young and not knowing how this could all turn by facing a new disease - the "gay cancer". DOP: Carlo Thiel

Director: Jean-Claude Schlim    

A comedy fantasy with a cutting edge. Tells the story of 45 year old single prude Ferdinand as he realises he does have something to offer the world. It's also the love story of two unconventional people and paints a colourful picture of a world caught between authenticity and artificiality. DOP: Yves Cape/ Director: Renaud Bertrand        

This is not the way it was supposed to happen. Like every morning, Christian Echeveria, should have been able to levy his daily distress in this parisian suburb, before going back to his comfortable home. But that's not what destiny had planned for him... DOP: Laurent Brunet

Director: Angelo Cianci

nous trois

dernier étage gauche, gauche


house of boys