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The day begins. A woman realizes she almost forgot her appointment at the ibijazi. DOP: Jean-Louis Schuller/ Director: Luc Feit    

Marie likes Paul, it sets off the kind of sparks that quickly culminate in the bedroom. The next morning brings its share of surprises as Marie crawls out of bed, her life flash-forwarded fifteen years: Not only has she been married to Paul, but she’s now the mother of a little boy , the head of a multinational investment firm and the proprietor of a fabulous apartment overlooking the Eiffel Tower. DOP: Thierry Arbogast

Director: Sylvie Testud    

This is the story of a luxembourgish boy who lives with his father on the family camping. This year he will have the summer vacation of his life. The story developes around the myth of a luxembourgish legend; Melusine. DOP: Peter von Haller/ Director: Laura Schroeder.    

la vie d une autre




An animated journey through the history of maps, continents, mankind, and human migration over the last thousands of years. MAPPAMUNDI shows the continuous change of the world, which is imperceptible by human beings. With over a hundred world maps from the past 15,000 years, the development of our view of the world is critically analysed by the director: Bady Minck