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Sexual Healing’s original release date was set to be April 1, 2014 – the 30th anniversary of Marvin’s death. 70% of the film was completed after proceedings were put on ice with only three weeks left to shoot. Gaye represents a beacon of imperfection of sorts; the kind of megastar whose flaws only helped to heighten the allure and importance of his music. Only time will tell if "Sexual Healing" lives to see a release date. Hopefully it does. It’s the story, of one of America’s signature souls of the past century recording his most successful album during perhaps the darkest period of his life. DOP: Steve Organ/ Director: Julien Temple

sexual healing



Austria, 1950s. Franzi, eleven years old, lives in a small town with her parents. Photographs belong to her life like picture books to those of other kids. She spends days and nights between dream and reality, ‘bringing to life’ the photos her dad took in Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia while being stationed there as a foreign legionaire. The images are enigmatic and spark her imagination, fascination and horror never lie far apart. The father’s feverish dreams, triggered by a recurrent surge of malaria, become the girl’s nightmare. DOP: Jerzy Palacz/ Director: Elfi Mikesch. Fiever was selected in the Panorama Section of Berlinale 2014/ Diagonale 2014 - won award for best Production Design