production designer

A comedy about Europe and its clichés through the story of a German-Spanish

couple living in Luxembourg, a heat wave and the first visit of the father in law.

DOP: Rae Lynn Lee/ Director: Lucía Valverde

the heat wave

book of love

Alma and Sam live together, yet each in her own universe. Sam is the more extro-

verted type, a woman of action; Alma is rather withdrawn and contemplative. When

it comes to love, they both agree: they long for the ultimate commitment. Full of pas-

sion, they bridge the differences in their daily life, a balance still jeopardized by their

fears. DOP: Emilie Guéret/ Director: Jules Fischer




Through the eyes of cosmic cartographers, MappaMundi takes its viewer on a greatly accelerated voyage through 950 million years of development on Earth,150.000 years of human migration and 15.000 years of human cartography. The film visualises the continuous changes taking place in our world, change that is imperceptible in a single human lifetime. DOP: Martin Putz/ Director: Bady Mink